ILCelerate Applications Due June 20

The ILCelerate program will accept applications through June 20th. The ILCelerate program provides money, resources and mentoring to Illinois-based technology companies.

The ILCelerate Program will sponsor five “seed stage” companies through a twelve-week program. At the end of the program, each of the companies will have a completed prototype-stage product, exposure to potential investors and networking across the Illinois technology community for continued growth.

The program will:

  • provide an avenue of development for very early stage ideas within Illinois
  • develop a deeper relationship for young entrepreneurs with current technology executives/mentors and
  • develop a stronger network among technology executives within Illinois

Developed by the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce (CEC) in association with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Activity (DCEO), the ILCelerate program is available to any resident of the state of Illinois. A business plan is not necessary for the application. Partial selection criteria will include the market potential for the idea and the strength of the founding management team.

Please complete and forward your Application for ILCelerate to

For additional details: ILCelerate FAQ



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